links for 2007-11-01


  1. Houston says

    Interesting… this is actually very different from NetNanny and other filters – Pikluk seems to be geared towards much younger kids and appears to be a simple whitelist-based solution.

    I don’t see my daughter using it (she’s 13) but a few years ago I would have found this VERY useful.

    I wonder how do they make money? The site is free of ads and they claim that product is free.

  2. meredith says

    I have a 4 year old and asked my husband to build a browser just like this just a few months ago. She loves to use the computer but gets frustrated when she ‘accidentally’ closes a page, opens a document or something she didn’t mean to, or can’t read where she needs to go next.

    I have created an account and set up the program. I hit the glitch when I did read close enough and was alerted that it would cost me $9.99 once or $2.99 per month once I wanted to add more than 5 websites.

    It isn’t a high amount and seems like it would be worth it, especially as much time as my daughter likes to spend on the computer.

    It was nice that they automatically used a screenshot of the site instead of words or an icon she doesn’t recognize. The icons that it does use are big and self explanatory.

    It required my password to log in and log out, which was a nice thought to make sure it doesn’t close every time little fingers get overzealous.

    I think this is a great idea!