links for 2007-11-02


  1. Lisa says

    I’m disappointed with your link for “freepeats.” I just LOVE the idea, but it turns out to:
    — NOT be free *really*
    — only available in Atlanta.

    You posted a link on a national site that works in only one city?? Talk about a let-down. *laugh*

    That said, I adore this site and learn so much!

    Here’s what I do: “KIDLET LENDING LIBRARY”
    I started lending/giving out 98% of my son’s clothing as soon as he’d outgrown it to friends, acquaintances, whoever needed it. It didn’t all go a single person but to several people simultaneously. It wasn’t “required” to come back, but the caveat was this: you had to pay the generosity forward. That meant that you could either pass the still-in-good-shape stuff on to others who needed them, or you could return that stuff to the “library” with an extra contribution of other clothing you’d received from other sources, to be “lent” again. [that way, the clothing amount was always being replenished, since things get lost, ruined or kept as “keepsakes.”]

    My son is almost 4, but I’m still coordinating the “library” for infant-wear (it just now it goes up to 5T), and the clothes are getting passed up and down the west coast). Saves us all money and storage space (since we borrow again if and when needed) and we all get the pleasure of (1) feeling helped by experienced moms when we’re just starting out; and (2) helping a new mom out later on. If we all work together, we’re more efficient with our resources AND it truly feels great!

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Lisa: Apologies. I’m a fan of Angie’s work at Baby Cheapskate and am excited about her new project, but I should have been clearer on the details. Right now, Freepeats only covers the Atlanta, GA area, but Angie hopes to expand other major metro areas in 2008. Membership is free for those who sign up for their city’s forum during its first 30 days, after that, there is a one-time charge of $4.95 to join. FAQ: