14 November 2007

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Can I add a link? If not feel free to delete me. I'm running a giveaway for a Plan Toy set, an eco-friendly toy co.

This is in honor of the grand opening of my new store, www.NonToxicTots.com


Re: blank slate -- as anthropologist Ashley Montagu said, the environment is part of the heredity. We inherit our environment as much as we inherit our genes, and there's no crowbar to wrest them apart with.

Thanks for the Detachment Parenting mention, Asha. I loved your bit at Gather.

I have boy/girl twins and I could have singlehandedly settled the nature vs. nurture debate long ago ;-) I must say though that I'm still continually surprised how deep those gender waters run. It will be interesting to see what our generation does with this new (old) perspective.

I assume your title is a reference to the Steven Pinker book The Blank Slate, but if it isn't, go check it out. It's a great read about how far our society takes this "blank slate" notion.

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