How to remove those annoying paper wristbands

I HATE those wristbands! Thank you for this, Duane!

You know when you go to the water park and they give you those paper bracelets that are specially made to tear to pieces if you try remove them, so you can’t use them again?  When you’re done with the pool for the day and need to get rid of the band, reach underneath and look for the overlapping tab that does not have the adhesive part on it.  Give that a tug, the wristband snaps right off.

(Not the season for water parks? We just got back from a hotel that had an indoor water park attached.  You never know!)


  1. pmh says

    When we went to a fall-harvest festival thing, everyone had to wear wristbands to show that they’d paid. I wrote our phone number on the band once I saw that there were hundreds of kids & acres of space, just to hopefully speed up the lost & found process if it were to come to that.

  2. says

    Yep, this hack totally works. Grab that bottom part and off it comes. I never thought about writing the cell phone number on the band. That is a great idea that hopefully would never need to be used.

  3. Walter j says

    Awesome! I used this method to get an under aged, bible studies friend into a strip bar after i left. It came right off in as new state and easily resnapped. It didnt show any signs of modification at all!