How to remove a band-aid painlessly

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At Amazon: Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Variety Pack, 280 Count

Rachael shares her solution to an age-old problem:

Here’s my hack for removing those pesky band-aids that kids love to put on and HATE to have taken off: If you dip a cotton ball or q-tip in oil (olive or baby) and rub it against the band-aid, it will allow the band-aid to just fall right off. We’ve eliminated a lot of screaming in our house this way!

We often postpone bandage removal till after the bath for the same reason, but that’s because we cheap out an rarely buy waterproof bandages.

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  1. Brandi says

    This also works when you’re trying to remove a sticky price tag from a piece of glass or mirror, such as the glass in a picture frame. I like it better than the chemical products made for this purpose, because it has no chemicals.

  2. Bits says

    Thanks for the vegetable/baby oil ideas. We used Neosporin since it was a bad cut with stitches and were afraid about infection. Neosporin had the same results.

  3. Austin's Owner says

    My dog had a bandaid wrapped around his leg from the vet’s office. I tried removing it when I got home but it was stuck to his skin and seemed painful when trying to remove it. I used the baby oil idea and it worked great. My dog and I thank you.

  4. Tasha H. says

    An alternative to neosporin (for those that want to stay purely natural) would be coconut oil. It has amazing healing properties!