29 November 2007

Use del.icio.us to track gift ideas

If you're not already using a social bookmarking service such as del.icio.us, consider signing up for an account. So easy to use, so useful. I used del.icio.us to build my daily link roundups, and as a way to for us all to point out hack-ish links to each other (see posts tagged with "parenthacks").

Amie's got an even more timely tip -- use del.icio.us to help streamline gift purchases:

1) As I'm surfing, if I see something that might make a good gift for someone, I tag it with the following: their name, "giftidea", and the upcoming occasion (if I have one in mind). Later when I'm ready to buy I can browse or search my tags and find ideas easily.

2) Additionally, for my kids and us, I use del.icio.us as a wishlist. Amazon's wishlists are great, but they don't sell everything (yet!). And grandparents and friends are always asking for gift ideas. So, if I see something that might make a appropriate gift, I also tag it with "namewishlist". (ex. "janewishlist"). Then if someone asks, I can send them a link to that page (ex. http://del.icio.us/myusername/janewishlist).

Do you have any del.icio.us hacks to share?

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I also use del.icio.us to collect recipies. I just tag them and they are easy to find again without having to save them to another program or copying and pasting. Plus, I have my home and work computers logged in so they they sync bookmarks and I can find things easily when I have more time at home.

kaboodle.com is like del.icio.us for products

If you use del.icio.us to keep a shopping list, make sure to enable private bookmarking (in the settings) and then check the "don't share" box when you bookmark those items. Otherwise your shopping plans are public, and you never know who might find your list!

For online shopping lists for everything...we love TheThingsIWant.com

You can specify price, change photos, and make notes and order the list by priority or price or alphabetically, and it can be secured so only guests can see it. Great for Christmas, birthdays, anything!

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