Grand Opening: The Parent Hacks Store

We’ve talked about a lot of cool stuff over the years. And by “stuff,” I mean the books, gear, toys, and tools that help make life move a little more smoothly, or at least inject a bit of fun. Well, I’ve finally gathered those recommendations into one place: The Parent Hacks Store!

Think of it as an expanded version of the “Things We Like” sidebar on the site — my favorite books, baby gear, travel supplies, gadgets, toys and more, with a few surprises thrown in for fun. You’ll recognize many of the offerings in the Parent Hacks Store because many of them come from our conversations over the last two years.

I invite you to drop by have a look around, and let me know what you think. Email me if there are any must-have items I’ve left out. I’ll add new goodies every week, so check back often. Happy shopping!


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