Easy “fruity nutty” oatmeal

Megan’s hack may inspire our breakfast this week…

My well-meaning partner bought a huge bag of dried fruit and nut mix thinking that it would provide a handy snack for our 14-month-old son.  Of course our son hated it and we were stuck with pounds of the stuff.  I recently thought to throw a couple of cups of the fruit and nuts into the blender with a cup of quick oats and turn them into a coarse powder.  I mixed the fruity oat powder into a larger bag of plain quick oats and voila!…fruit-sweetened, nutty oatmeal that my son loves (and is perfect for these cool autumn mornings).

No-spill car breakfast: oatmeal in an insulated mug
Frozen raspberries cool down hot oatmeal
Homemade instant oatmeal packets


  1. Lemon says

    That’s a great idea, and would probably apply to many other foods. I forget how versatile the blender can make things.

    One note – if a child’s family has ANY history of allergies (to anything at all) or history of asthma, you shouldn’t feed them any nut products until they are 3 years old.