07 November 2007

Create a visual inventory of kid clothing purchases

Wardrobe inventory

I was stunned by the Linda's smarts on this one:

I like to shop online for great bargains on clothes for my kids at the end of each season and put things away for next year. However, in the thrill of the bargain hunt, I sometimes forget what I have already purchased for each child and end up over-buying what will never get worn before it is outgrown. Giving away bags of expensive never-worn clothing with the tags still on is no bargain!

I came up with a simple way to keep an ongoing visual inventory of what each child has "in stock" that helps to keep me on track and my kids looking adorable. As I shop, I just save a small picture and quick description of the items (and/or where I purchased them) in a folder on my computer. (Or use Google's nifty Notebook feature.) I have a separate folder for each child and each size, so I can get a great snapshot view of their complete wardrobes. I'm now able to coordinate outfits at a glance and see if there are any pieces that are still needed for each school year or for vacations and events.

The idea has worked so well with my children that I now use the same system for my own wardrobe purchases. It's a bit like playing with virtual paper dolls, I suppose! 


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Great idea! Those pics will also come in handy if you ever sell the clothes on eBay -- I have found items sell better when you have a professional picture of it looking its best.

I take photos of my kids clothes with a cue card noting its size, and download the photos to my iPod Nano. When I go shopping I can easily refer to the photos to see what I already have.

Great idea. But here's what I really need to know: what do I need to buy for a seasonal wardrobe for my son? I've been a little puzzled by this, since it's the first year I've really had to buy a complete wardrobe for him.

He's 1-1/2 and goes through about two outfits a day (he loves water, and doesn't really get the concept of "dirty"). We live in Silicon Valley where it never gets all that cold, but we may travel East or to Tahoe this winter. Ideas?

I love it!

Awesome idea, i want to buy few of them how can I order?

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