“Bachelor chow” egg muffin makes a fine daddy breakfast

Surprise a tired-out Thanksgiving hostess or host with breakfast, "bachelor style." From the very clever Steve:

Want an Egg McMuffin without the greasy overpriced “Mc” part? Here’s my method – bachelor style.

1 english Muffin or Bagel
1 egg
1-2 slices of lunch meat (your favorite)
1 slice of cheese

Put a piece of plastic wrap into a small bowl. Crack the egg into it and gently pull the edges of the plastic wrap back over to loosely cover. You want to keep egg poppage from getting all over the place but if you seal it too tight Bad Things Happen. Add optional salt and pepper to taste. I like a little chili-pepper myself. Cultural note: Personal experience has taught me that Indian masalas don’t microwave well. Nuke for 30-45 seconds.

Tip: while it is possible to use a fork to beat the egg and get something fluffier, doing so results in the use of a fork which then has to be washed. Go over-easy style for the no hassle clean up. Remember, it’s not bachelor chow if you haven’t put taste second and optimized for the smallest number of dirty dishes.

Pull apart preferred bread into two.
Put meat on bottom
Flip wrapped cooked egg onto the meat
Top with the cheese
Cover with top piece of bread
Use a toaster oven to achieve desired gooey+crispiness.
Put resulting (hot) breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack onto paper towel
Toss plastic wrap. Put bowl back into cabinet.

Zero dishes. Healthy-ish meal.

Makes for a great daddy breakfast while the lil’dude eats his cherios. Make two and give mom a pleasant surprise — breakfast AND no dishes in the sink!

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