Baby Daze helps you track the details during those hazy newborn months

Oy, I get tired just thinking of those newborn months the first time around. There seemed to be so much to remember — when did he last nurse? when did I give him the Tylenol? who bought him this hideous jumper? — right when my brain capacity was at its lowest.

The founder of Baby Daze sent me a review copy of their lovely organizer, and, though I’m way past the notetaking phase, I can see how nice this would have been back then. This is no high-pressure, you-must-fill-in-all-the-blanks baby book — just a central location for all the little dates and times and details you might want to remember. Tabbed sections keep everything at your fingertips: simple but thoughtfully-designed charts for tracking feeding and diapering, sleeping, pumping, milestones, gifts, a food diary, medical and contact details. Great gift for parents-to-be.

Win it! This Baby Daze organizer should be yours! Get in the running by answering this question in the comments:

What’s the best baby gift you’ve ever received?

I’ll randomly choose a winner tomorrow at 5pm!


  1. Debbie Pagurek says

    To be honest, it was a scrapbook that was made by my family and friends at a baby shower that was held for me. I mean, I did get a lot of great baby stuff, but what I will always treasure the most was this book that they put together that night which was a collection of advice, humour, and experience about handling your baby. I felt very loved and supported, and that is priceless.

  2. XmasBabe says

    A homemade recipe for baby wipes with ingredients:

    16 oz. water
    1/4 cup of baby shampoo
    1/4 cup of baby oil

    Cut a roll of paper towels in half, put them in a tupperware container and pour mix over the roll.

  3. Bethany says

    The best baby gift I got (and which I subsequently have purchased for literally everyone I know who had a baby) is the book Baby 411. Seriously, awesome. It answered all my panicky questions re: a newborn in a way that never made me feel stupid. Fabulous book.

  4. Stephanie says

    The best was a nursing cover (by Bebe au lait). So convenient and much better than tucking a blanket into your bra strap!

  5. HeatherK says

    At my baby shower this past weekend, I got a onesie that says iPood. I like the funny ones.

  6. says

    Ooooh, tough to choose! I think it’s a toss up between the umpteen little hats my mom knitted for me out of all her brimming-over extra love, and the Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Dr. Jack Newman ( This book was my bible and friend when I suffered breastfeeding trauma the first couple of weeks and was awake and majorly stressed out at 3 a.m.!

  7. TaraP says

    I don’t have a favorite yet since I haven’t had my baby or shower yet (i’m due in January).
    However, the gift of great advice from my older sister has been invaluable to me.

  8. says

    One of my best gifts was a Swaddleme. I would have loved to swaddle my baby in all the wonderful receiving blankets I had on my registry, but they were too small!

  9. Lisa says

    My friends made a cute book that they filled with advice about being a new mom. I am a teacher, so I also had my students write down their “advice” for me in this book. My favorite was a second grader who wrote “I hope you love your baby as much as my mom loves me.” Made me cry!

  10. Cecily T says

    My best baby shower gift was the swing that was the only thing that would let my baby sleep for the first month.

  11. says

    A bottle of red wine and a spicy-scented candle. Once the baby was safely asleep for the night we lit the candle, poured ourselves each a glass of wine, and enjoyed a precious moment of quiet time together.

  12. says

    We just received in the mail a hand-knitted sweater for our babe to be….can’t wait to take his picture in it.

  13. Sarah says

    My sister knitted a hat for the baby. It was the only one that would stay on her for several months (and it was purple for LSU!)

  14. says

    Best baby gift? You mean besides the baby herself? :)

    An in-home Photoshoot!
    A few days after we brought our second daughter home, our friend came over with her fancy digital SLR camera and took a zillion pictures of our new baby. Before she left, she uploaded all the pics onto our computer. We adore those pictures.

  15. says

    The best gift I received was 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep when Fox was about a month old. My husband took the monitor out to the couch and took care of a feeding for me. A year later, I still remember it.

  16. says

    Best baby gift? Gift cards for local high-end grocery store — that delivers online orders. Pure heaven for the sleep-deprived!

  17. says

    The best gift we got was a Shutterfly hardback book that my sister in law thoughtfully put together documenting that first month, since we remembered little of it!

  18. says

    The best baby gift I received for my now 9 year old was a lovely sleigh crib that turned into a full sized bed. She slept in the same bed from birth until just this year.
    For my 3 month old, a cousin gave us the most delightful set of socks. They’re all styled like Mary Janes in black with socks in white, pink, yellow, lavendar, green and blue. They are the cutest things ever! Who knew socks could be so perfect.

  19. Elizabeth says

    A friend of mine had a baby about a year before I had my first and she brought me a bag full of all the things she found helpful – a couple swaddling blankets, Bobux shoes, a Soothie Pacifier, and flannel burp clothes. She was right and these were the most helpful things that I received for my son.

  20. Sandy says

    The best and most thoughtful gifts were from my husband! A body pillow just as I got into the 3rd trimester and the most comfortable glider/rocker right after baby was born. That was our Welcome Home gift so I could relax with baby or nurse when the baby refused to lay in the crib or sleep through the night… well into his 2nd year for those g’night cuddles.

  21. Misty says

    I’d love to win this for my best friend who just had a baby on Sunday.

    The best baby gift I received….that would have to be the co-sleeper. A bunch of my friends went in to get it, so we didn’t have to worry about getting a crib for her. It’s the neatest thing–it starts out attached to the bed, then converts to a freestanding bassinet then crib/pack-n-play.

  22. says

    The best baby gift we received was my two sisters-in-law putting together all the nursery furniture and installing the car seat (baby was born 6 weeks early, and nothing was ready)!

  23. says

    A second-hand baby gown that saved us when we brought home a baby boy strongly opposed to garments with legs (which described everything we had ready for him). We put him in a gown and made a breakneck run to the store for more gowns and thermal blankets for swaddling.

  24. says

    The best, and probably one of the cheapest, gifts I ever received were stacking cups (without holes were the best, but with holes are great, too). They are THE ultimate multipurpose item: obviously the stacking/nesting toy option, but also, impromptu Cheerio holder, bathtub combo toy and water scoop for hair rinsing, and drinking cup (if no holes). They travel well, take up minimal space, and wash well in the dishwasher. My 3-year-old daughter is still using the cups I got at the baby shower for my now 8-year-old son – she plays with them in her play kitchen and feeds her baby dolls with them.

  25. Maureen Baker says

    My best baby gift was a Pack n’ Play with a bassinet attachment. We used it from newborn until he was over a year old and could climb out. It made traveling to visit family and friends real easy.

  26. Anonymous says

    The best gift I received was a hooded towel my mother in law made me. She sewed a wash cloth and then sewed it on the towel in a certain way that makes it a thick snuggly towel for little babies and still perfect for my 4 year old. Plus it doubles to keep spaghetti sauce out of my toddlers hair. I just put it on at meal time and then she can’t rub food all over her hair!

  27. Whitney says

    The best gift I received was a hooded towel my mother in law made me. She sewed a wash cloth and then sewed it on the towel in a certain way that makes it a thick snuggly towel for little babies and still perfect for my 4 year old. Plus it doubles to keep spaghetti sauce out of my toddlers hair. I just put it on at meal time and then she can’t rub food all over her hair!

  28. Inki says

    The best baby gift was definitely the advice and loaners from two of my best friends who had been through this before – they told us all about the new style cloth diapers (which we love), loaned us a shawl to carry our baby around in (she is one of those babies who loves to be held and is not a big fan of the stroller), and brought food when they came over during that first hectic time!

  29. Meredith says

    Well, given that I am due in 5 weeks with my first (and my shower is in 2 weeks)I haven’t really received many gifts yet. I think the best gift I’ve received is actually the baby. My husband and I both came together, fully thought we would never have kids (I’m 30, he’s 32) as we were both told we couldn’t have kids (him from irregular sperm, tested when he was 19 for his older brother who was tying to have kids but had the same problem) and me from PCOS.

    4 months later of NOT trying, we were pregnant. So, I guess knowing that I could get pregnant, and being blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy has been the best gift I could receive, until of course, I hold my son or daughter in my arms in a few weeks time!

  30. Lindsay says

    The best baby gift I received – and it was the very first that came to mind – was a girlfriend who came over regularly on her lunch break for a few minutes so I could sneak in a shower. Such a luxury!

  31. says

    The best gift I received was my breast pump. I would not have been able to continue nursing my son if I didn’t express as I had a lot of difficulty nursing.

  32. Tami says

    This is an easy one for us. The recliner rocking chair! Never has it out lasted it’s use! Between children, it has worked in our living room. And into today, it still is an important piece… as it rocks our nursing baby #2 to sleep as I fondly remember with baby #1 (3 years ago :0)

  33. Wendy says

    When our son was born, my mom froze three tubs of her homemade spaghetti sauce for us– it was so great to have an amazing mom-cooked meal the nights I really needed a hug from her. We are expecting again in January and I’ve already requested more! :)

  34. Kelsa says

    An Itzbeen…It’s soo cool. With just a push of a button, I know how long itz been, get it, since i changed a diaper, nursed, put her down for a nap…. How did we get along with out it?

  35. Jen says

    My mother gave me my Baby Book when my daughter was born. I thought that it was at my house, which was flooded by Hurricane Katrina, and I was so sad that I could never show it to my daughter. My mother found it in her armoire–apparently I had given it back to her, but did not remember.

  36. Eric says

    Baby Cook – only available in Europe unfortunately. It’s a small appliance that combines the functionality of a blender and a cooker – just throw in the raw food, and it will blend it down and then cook it for you!

  37. says

    Babysitting! My mom watched my son for the six months that I went back to work after he was born so that I didn’t have to put him in daycare.

  38. Marta says

    The best gift were home sewn receiving blankets that were larger in size than the ones you can get in stores. Within a few weeks of our little one’s birth, they were all we used. We are still using them today!
    They are wonderful and thoughtful…

  39. Alex Kotze says

    The best baby gift we received (from my parents) was a gift certificate for a local house cleaning company. This saved me when my brother-in-law and his family came for a visit when my daughter was just three weeks old. It saved me again during the holidays.

  40. Ticia says

    My favorite to get was all the hand me downs. A lot of our friends had kids first, so we got both our cribs, pak-n-plays, strollers, and lots of clothes that way. We had twins so it was very helpful. My favorite to give is cloth diapers for burp rags and over-sized homemade receiving blankets, because when the boys were born we didn’t have any of these and quickly discovered how neccessary they were.

  41. says

    The two best baby gifts that I had ever received were from a coworker who, at the time, was a mother of middle-schoolers, of all things! Unbeknowst to her, she gave us the cutest little pink baby hat on which was embroidered “You Are My Sunshine”… the song that my husband always used to sing to me when we were first dating (in spite of his terrible singing voice)! And, she also gave us a tiny personalized rubber ducky with my daughter’s name on it. That little ducky was a life saver when Amanda was teething! It fit perfectly in her mouth, yet was large enough that she would never be able to swallow it; it was also both soft and strong enough that she could chew and chew and chew without destroying it! That little rubber ducky has stuck around for quite a long time, though the name has almost completely rubbed off… It is still one of my daughter’s absolute favorite bath toys (even now that she’s a preschooler)!

  42. Erica says

    Had to be, without a doubt a moses basket. When I was a first time mother, I had no idea that something so simple could be so efficient. I was able to carry my daughter from room to room (even into the bathroom while I showered) without disturbing her sleep. Now that I’m expecting my second child, I’m relieved that I can use it again to make it easier for both of us.

  43. Tammy says

    I received a beautiful holly hobbie baby blanket. It was passed down thru 3 baby girls and is now in desperate need of repair which I plan to do one day when I have time.

  44. Jennifer says

    The best gift I got was a sling for carrying the baby. It’s something that has been well used – I’m still using it with my 5th child!

  45. says

    Hmmm, that is a hard one to pin down with multiple kiddos. I would have to say it would be when my friend suprised me at Christmas last year with a Moby wrap and Hug-a-Bub when my wee one was due in Jan, I have since been able to pass them along and the new moms agree that they are the best.

  46. says

    My sister is a consummate scrapbooker. Before our son was born she put together an adorable scrapbook — all we have to do is insert the pictures! There’s a page for bath time, first bites of rice cereal, favorite toys, etc. Instant archiving!

  47. kelly says

    The best gift I’ve received is a box of baby blankets, clothes, and toys that my Mom saved from when I was wee. So many memories a great feeling of familial continuity.

  48. Staci says

    My girlfriend pulled out bags and bags full of her son’s old cloths. I now have two boys and both of them wore her son’s hand me downs for the first two years of their lives. Such a money saver!!

  49. Jenny says

    I would have to say it was this horseshoe shaped pillow that wrapped around my waist to use while nursing. I don’t remember what it was called, but it certainly saved strain on my arms and back and I used it everyday.

  50. Emily DiPetrillo says

    My best baby gift I received was the “loaning” of all of her big baby items – 2 cribs, 2 high chairs, a rocking chair and a double stroller! What a LIFESAVER!!!

  51. Tonya says

    When my daughter was 2 weeks old, a good friend came from out of town for a few days, leaving behind her 2 small children I might add. She cleaned, folded laundry, made me laugh, soothed my newborn and brought me a huge supply of Dream Dinners. It was the best gift ever!

  52. Heather says

    My favorite for my son was from my mother’s best friend. I had bought material to make blankets and never got to it, she had me mail her the fabric and she made blankets for my son (and future children) with love.

    For with my last delivery my friends took my son for 3 days each (one even took him trick or treating) while I was in the hospital. I was able to take care of myself and know that he was with women who loved him.

  53. Anonymous says

    My favorite baby gift was a handmade cradle from my in laws. It is gorgeous and I know it will be in my family for years to come.

  54. Mim says

    I’d say the many boxes of hand-me-down great clothing (that keeps on coming!) from my good friend whose son is a few years older than mine… Or maybe it was the basket with lots of easy food items, paper plates, and treats that was left on our porch by a neighbor when we got home from the hospital. i think that was all we ate the first 48 hrs of our insane sleepless surreal new baby life. As I am expecting a 2nd baby in March, this book looks like it would be very handy!

  55. Zed says

    This is an awesome list of good ideas!! Way better than the standard baby outfit that I usually give.

    My favorite gift was “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth. (It would be my standard shower gift if it weren’t already the standard shower gift of a close friend of mine!) The advice in this book made me and my baby much, much happier.

  56. says

    Thanks for featuring Baby Daze. I just ordered it for a friend who’s having a baby this week. I could have used something like this with my son. I was in a total daze the first two months and made a handmade feed/eat/sleep chart just to stay sane! Baby Daze is so much nicer!

  57. Nicol says

    The best gift (read: most useful) was my Ellaroo ring sling. She’s 10 months old and 24 lbs and I’m still slinging her up! Thanks, mom.

  58. says

    Best gift I got was a portable co-sleeper. It fits on the bed between you and your husband and has a small nightlight. We used it at home when my son was first born and when we traveled to see family and friends. I have saved it to use with the new baby!

  59. Chris Stalnaker says

    The best gift I got was from my older sister. On the day we were coming home from the hospital with our son (who had been in NICU for a couple of days), she arrived early and cleaned my whole house for me. She cleaned the floors, kitchen, bathrooms! And then she watched the baby while I slept. I will never forget that gift of her time.

  60. Kristen M. says

    My best baby gift? It would have to be a tie between my baby sling (a godsend for my silly non-sleeper) and a gorgeous smelling bath kit for ME! Nothing like a great shower to make the memories of labor fade away.

  61. says

    My mom saved lots of things from when I was a baby for me including some baby clothes which were so special but we also have my mothers baby bassinet and linens from when she was a baby. This was so sweet.

  62. mariesalias says

    The best baby gift I received was my baby. With a 20 year old son, I had pretty much given up on having another baby… but then surprise! There were numerous times he almost didn’t make it here, but in the end, he came out healthy and beautiful and really is probably the best gift (tied with his brother) that I have ever received period.

    The best for an actual gift I received for him… was when my 20 year old decided to take time off from his life and take on taking care of his baby brother full time when I had to go back to work. He gave the gift of himself to his brother (at a time when most guys want to party and have fun!) and it will be a gift that will stay with them both for the rest of their lives.

  63. JewelsHud says

    I would have to agree – the best gift is my son – although I’m hoping for more!

    As for material gifts, I would have to say my diaper bags – I love my Beca Bag – so useful and stylish – even long after it is still necessary for all the baby stuff!!

  64. says

    The best gift I got was space. Space as in no one trying to move into my house and take over, because I am not one for that much togetherness.

    But in terms of actual gifts? Our in-laws lent us their car which was higher off the ground and easier for me to get in and out of that first month, and then they even bought an extra car seat base to put in it should we ever need them to get her. They let us take over their house a little, putting up baby gates and latches and outlet covers, and making a spot for the playpen. it was all helpful and welcoming, without being smothering. Just the perfect fit, and I am so appreciative for that.

  65. Kelly Forebaugh says

    The a large swaddling blanket, a pacifier, and the Happiest Baby on the Block book. These tools amounted to SLEEP for a very weary mom!.

  66. barb says

    I didn’t even want a baby shower (I have always hated these too-sweet functions, with their games and favors and “awwwws!,” but I’m a cynic so ignore me), but when one was forced upon me, as much as I appreciated the many gifts for baby, the thing I loved the most was the pair of Uggs given me by my lovely older childless friend. It reminded me that I was more than just a vessel!

  67. Jodi says

    A friend arranged other friends to make meals for us. The end result… I don’t have to make dinner until my daughter is on month old! (My MIL kept house for us for the first week and a half)

  68. Eliz K says

    The most useful gift I received was from the girls at the office, who chipped in for sixteen weeks of diaper service for me. Thanks, ladies.

  69. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Well folks, I’ve chosen my winner (Lindsay) but I’ll leave the comments open in case anyone else feels like sharing. I loved reading all of these! This makes a great list of “best gifts for new parents”!

  70. says

    Definitly the miracle blanket (my son was swaddled FOR.EV.ER), Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (not the book), and the bumbo chair.

  71. says

    The best gift we received was a sling. We didn’t know much about babywearing and actually thought it to be a silly kind of gift. Until we came home from the hopsital… and it was the only thing that would put that child to sleep. Best. Gift. EVER!

  72. says

    I JUST found your site!!! Wonderful! (I just blogged about it and linked as well. And someone wrote a comment about homemade baby wipes. I blogged about that too. I hope that’s ok.)

    It’s hard to say what the BEST gift was. But probably the most USED one has to be the BABY WIPE WARMER! And one of our shower guests made a smarta$$ comment, “When I was a baby my a$$ warmed the wipes!” I felt a bit overboard with a luxury like a wipe warmer. But it’s GREAT!!! Thanks Greg!