Amazon Friday sale: Kitchen gadgets galore

KitchenAid Hand MixerIf you’ve got cooks on your holiday gift list, check out the Amazon’s Friday sale. I noticed a bunch of great deals on kitchen stuff today, including my favorite gadget, the KitchenAid hand mixer. I use my hand mixer (also called an immersion blender) all the time — I find that my picky kids like pureed sauces and soups more than the chunky stuff, and this little tool keeps me from having to drag out and wash the big blender. For those of you who are puree-happy after reading Deceptively Delicious, this is for you. (Great for milkshakes, too.)

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  1. Debi says

    Please don’t be an idiot like me, though. I used the first immersion blender I had on a drink with ice and bent the blade (fortunately I’d bought an inexpensive one -replaced it with the KitchenAid). I’m sure the materials told me not to use it on ice, but it was too tempting apparently.