04 November 2007

Amazon deal: $20 instant rebate on formula

SimilacAmazon's got a new deal on for Similac, Isomil and PediaSure products: spend $119 on selected products, enter the code SIMNOV07 at checkout, and get an instant $20 rebate (and free shipping). As someone who used to buy PediaSure (at about $2 a bottle!) I know how important any savings can be.

I was never a regular formula buyer (and even then it was years ago), so can anyone confirm if these are good prices? I know you can get formula on sale, and there's always Costco, but I also know it's nice to avoid a frantic trip to the store.

Unfortunately you can't use this rebate in conjunction with Subscribe & Save. (The Amazon page lists all the restrictions, because there are always restrictions, right?)

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The price isn't bad for online retailers, but I would advise looking on Ebay first. I just compared some of the prices to Amazon and it seems that some of the brands above are selling for almost half of what they are on Amazon.

we've got one of those guys who's at about the 50th percentile in height and the 20th in weight. he was breastfed until 20 months and i know that this makes leaner babies. also- i'm 5 ft. tall and 120 lbs. our doc. suggested pediasure and i was AMAZED at the price. we give him target or walgreen's adult 'ensure' type drink mixed 1/2 w/ whole milk several times a day...the prices on the non-namebrand stuff is much, much less. it seems to be working tho' i would much prefer he get his calories from real food.

Hi Asha,
If you buy Similac Advance 25.7 oz cans (5 of them) the price per can is $20.99 after the discount. It's a good price, though you can beat it if you shop the sales locally with coupons/formula checks.

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