A phone call from a favorite character encourages bathtime cooperation

From Rachel:

My daughter hated, HATED to have her hair washed.  For about two years washing her hair was one of my least favorite chores.  She’d kick and scream so loudly that I would honestly worry the neighbors would call the police. [Haven’t we all wondered about that at one time or another? – Ed.] 

My husband came up with a brilliant idea: he suggested that I use a cell phone to call our house as Barbie, our daughter’s current favorite character and talk to her about how much Barbie loves taking baths and washing her hair.  After the conversation, my little girl not only agreed to have her hair washed but she seemed eager to do so!


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  1. mel says

    I’ve heard this works for potty-training, too… the kid gets to call their favourite character (a cooperative grandparent or friend of the family) when they’re successful in the bathroom.