A note about Amazon.com posts

Amazon is going nuts with the promotions right now! BUT: I'll only post what I consider to be good deals on products I either use myself, have heard good things about, or think you might like. I'm a member of the Amazon Associates program, so anything you purchase at Amazon if you first click through from Parent Hacks throws a small referral fee my way (here's more about how Amazon Associates works). While the referral fees are lovely, my goal in posting this stuff is to save you money, so if you know of a better deal somewhere else, do tell in the comments!


  1. Anna says

    This may be very basic and obvious to most people, but would you please tell us exactly how to “click through” from Parent Hacks? I know folks would like to help you out on the referral fee – those add up!

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Anna: Thank you so much, both for asking the question and for wanting to help support Parent Hacks! Your comment makes me realize that this isn’t at all obvious. I’ll think about how to make it so without being too obnoxious. (All ideas are welcome.)

    Till then, to click through to Amazon from Parent Hacks, you have three choices:

    1. The most straightforward way is to click the Amazon link in the left sidebar, under “Support Parent Hacks.”

    2. You can click any of the products in the “Things We Like” list in the right sidebar (which will soon be expanded to include more goodies). Those links lead to Amazon, so anything you buy during that session will do the trick (even if you don’t buy the product you initially clicked).

    3. Most of my product graphics point to Amazon, so if you see a product pictured in a post, you can click that picture to get to Amazon. (Same rules apply as above)