Amazon Friday sale: Kitchen gadgets galore

If you’ve got cooks on your holiday gift list, check out the Amazon’s Friday sale. I noticed a bunch of great deals on kitchen stuff today, including my favorite gadget, the KitchenAid hand mixer. I use my hand mixer (also called an immersion blender) all the time — I find that my picky kids like […]

Plastic soap holder as crayon container

Tracy’s smart hack works at home or on the road: We use a plastic bar soap holder (the kind that has a top and a bottom that you could use for travel or in your shower).  Take crayons out of a standard 24-crayon cardboard box and put them in the soap holder instead.  You never […]

Featured find: Flip Video Camcorder

I love watching videos of my kids, but I hate dragging out the video camera. I find that inserting a camera between myself and the experience often turns me off to taking videos in the first place — which is something I already regret as I watch my kids grow so quickly. With the rise […]

Simple, beautiful Hanukkah crafts

Hanukkah’s next week! But you’ve still got time for some lovely crafts (if crafts are your thing). Check out Amber’s Hanukkah crafts at the always-fabulous Kids Craft Weekly. Toblerone chocolate box as a template for a Star of David stamp? Brilliant.

Use to track gift ideas

If you’re not already using a social bookmarking service such as, consider signing up for an account. So easy to use, so useful. I used to build my daily link roundups, and as a way to for us all to point out hack-ish links to each other (see posts tagged with "parenthacks"). Amie’s […]

links for 2007-11-29

Show “Home Alone” To Raise Social Engineering Awareness Movies can be a great jumping off point for discussions about life lessons.

Free art supplies: Paint color chips from the home improvement store

[Note: When I first posted this hack, I mistakenly thought Andi was talking about actual paint samples, but several readers pointed out she was referring to paint chips, the colorful cards that display different paint colors. Sorry about the mixup. — Ed.] Andi’s a braver mom than I…my kids didn’t go anywhere near non-washable paint […]

Motion-sensing switch takes over when kids forget to turn off the lights

We are huge fans of the motion-sensing light switch in our house! From Ellen: My kids seem unable to remember to turn off the bathroom light.  We use compact fluorescent bulbs, so the power usage is trivial, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.  Instead of turning off the light every time I walk past, […]

links for 2007-11-28

How to Develop a Mindset for Math | BetterExplained Total geekery (in the best way) and caused my brain to short out a couple of times, but a fascinating, inspiring read. Via 43Folders. CityMama: NaBloPoMo Recipe #27: Easy and cheap homemade holiday gifts Stefania’s all about the dee-licious food. Mmm. (NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog […]