24 October 2007

This will help you feel good about your child's Halloween costume

Amazon: Child's Toilet CostumeMom: Honey, what would you like to be for Halloween this year? Spiderman? Captain Jack Sparrow? Or maybe you can still fit into that Buzz Lightyear costume we got you a couple years ago?

Kid: Yeah, uh, I want to be a potty.

Mom: You want a party? What, you think you're too old to go trick-or-treating? Are you feeling alright, dear? How's your tummy?

Kid: No, Mom, a potty. You know, a toilet.

Mom: A...toilet. I see. Well.

Kid: C'mon, Mom. Halloween is just so...overcommercialized. It's turned into yet another big business-fueled buying frenzy, and I just feel, by dressing up as a toilet, I'll be making a statement about everything that's gone wrong with this holiday. Besides, we have Amazon Prime, so shipping's free.

Mom: You're so smart, peanut! If we order it today it'll arrive in time for the school Halloween parade!

Tip: make one of Hedra's no-sew modular Halloween costumes instead.

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Forgive me for my ignorance as we are not Halloween celebrants, but did I get that right?

He wants to purchase a costume to protest commercialism?

I think he has a future in marketing.

My friend was an Eyelash one year. She was six at the time. I thought it was inspired.

MAKE magazine features a costume that's a Pac-Man arcade game. It really works - you can walk up to the wearer and (ahem) grab his joystick and play PacMan.

I'm hoping the toilet costume is less functional.

Juggling Frogs - you don't understand jokes when you see them, huh?

Juggling Frogs: Yes, total joke. I just had to post about the ridiculousness of that costume. I imagine it's about 10 times worse than a "kick me" sign on one's back.

So doesn't this give someone an invitation to pee on my kid? No thank you. Who came up with this?? Childhood is hard enough. Can you imagine being in the store on Halloween, trying in vain to find a costume and this being the only one left? "Mommie didn't think ahead and so I had to be a toilet when I was 6" says my child to his therapist....

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