Soothe a fever with a damp washcloth kept bedside

kittenpie's bring-down-the-fever hack:

To help comfort a kid with a fever, one of the great things is of course to run a damp cloth over their forehead, neck, and limbs. My child's bedroom is not near the bathroom, though, so if I know she's sick and may wake up hot, I will tuck two baby washcloths and a bit of water in a Ziploc bag and leave it in her room so it's ready, if I should need it, instead of having to leave her upset while I run downstairs to get a cloth. Remember to empty it out if you don't need it, though, or you'll have a bagful of mildew, which is a little less healthful. 

 Or, keep a stack of washcloths and a sports bottle full of water handy.

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