Single or married: who’s happier? My interview on Sirius 114 tonight at 8pm.

It's 6am and I just ended an interview with Karen Salmansohn, host of Be Happy, Dammit! on Lime: Healthy Living with a Twist (Sirius radio channel 114). I only realized at the beginning of the call that it was a live panel on nationally-broadcast satellite radio. (Cue heart palpitations.) Had I figured this out ahead of time I would have given you a heads-up! Good news — they'll repeat the broadcast tonight at 8pm (EST), and I'm pretty sure a podcast is forthcoming.

The topic was (in effect) "Single or Married: Who's Happier?" Other than feeling like I just took my clothes off on national radio (TMI?), it was a fantastic, energizing, inspiring talk. I was a guest along with Ree, author of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, who I now intend to follow around like a silly puppy (you can do that on the Internet without looking like a freak). She's funny, warm, wise, and she talks about calf nuts on her site. What's not to love?

Representing single girls, along with Karen, was Imogen Lloyd Weber, author of The Single Girl's Survival Guide. Our token male was Bill Brazell of Federated Media, who was mostly silent but I'm sure was taking copious mental notes.

So who's happier? Suffice it to say there's happiness to be found no matter what your relationship status, but Ree and I had plenty to say about what makes for happy married-with-children life (Ree has 4 kids). I'll let you listen to the show for the full answer — I learned a lot myself! I'll post a link to the podcast as soon as it's up. Right now, I…need…coffee…….


  1. Terri says

    I’m wondering – why is happiness a contest? Who cares? Be happy with yourself and your life and don’t worry about whether someone is “happier” than you.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Absolutely. The “single vs. married” schtick was just the catchy title, but the conversation was more meaningful than that. I really enjoyed being a part of it…I got to stretch my philosophical muscles a bit.

  3. WorkingDad says

    Make sure you post where and when they post the podcast, since some of us are still without satellite radio. I look forward to checking it out.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Michael: I’m still waiting for them to post the podcast. Stay tuned (and thanks for asking)…