No-spill car breakfast: oatmeal in an insulated travel mug

Amazon: Thermos Stainless King SK1005MB4 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug I discovered this while camping, and then again while rushing out the door to get my late-risers to school: oatmeal is the ideal on-the-go breakfast, especially when served in an insulated travel mug. Oatmeal stays hot, can be eaten in the car without spilling, and doesn't leave crumbs everywhere.

Bonus: many insulated mugs are geared toward commuters…so fit nicely in the car's beverage holder.

If you use instant oatmeal, all the quicker. Instructables shows how to make homemade instant oatmeal packets.

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  1. MLdaddy says

    That would have to be some seriously soupy oatmeal to be drinkable. Or do you eat it with a spoon, defeating the no-spill aim? How about a granola bar (the real thing, not the candy-bar kind) instead?

  2. Kevin says

    Agreed – I don’t understand how this is no spill – unless you’re bringing it with you to eat later?

  3. Annette says

    Have you people never eaten oatmeal before? We ate oatmeal in the car all the time growing up – it sticks to the spoon. Therefore, no mess.

  4. Jill in Atlanta says

    It only sticks to the spoon when the spoon remains right side up most of the time. The waving around of the spoon and hitting one’s brother with the spoon would probably cause flingage (like that word?) in my car. Oatmeal might dry and then be easy to clean up, but I’m not going there. We’ll stick to the granola bar too.

  5. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Bah! My cable was out for two days meaning NO INTERNET. How I survived is anyone’s guess. Anyway.

    Our oatmeal turns out thick, so it sticks to the spoon and nary a drop goes anywhere. When my kids eat granola bars (they like the crunchy ones) there are crumbs EVERYWHERE.

  6. Tina in California says

    I agree with Jill…oatmeal is definitely NOT no-spill in our family either. Partially because my daughter won’t eat it without a generous serving of milk poured on it (making it incredibly soupy) and partially because of the upside-down waved around spoon situation Jill described. There’s no way I’ll be bringing oatmeal in my car anytime soon. But nice idea for those kids who like their oatmeal milkless and don’t fling their spoons, I guess. LOL!!

  7. Abby says

    I love the comments, I just laugh and laugh trying to imagine my 17 month old eating oatmeal in the car. HA! not unless my entire car was covered in plastic protectors.

  8. stef says

    This is a great idea and perfect for my morning tommorrow! I have an early dr appt and I ahve to bring my girls and have to leave just asap after wake up time. I can prepare it and put in insulated mug and carry it with us, It’ll be ready for us while we are in waiting room! perfect and THANKS!