Mesh tops hide nursing leaks

Shannon's practical fashion tip for nursing moms:

As the (leaky) nursing mother of a 2 1/2 month old, I've resigned myself to changing myself to pretty much only wearing black in public and always packing an extra t-shirt so that I don't sit around with huge wet spots on my chest.

I recently bought a double layer mesh top to wear to a party, and couldn't resist wearing it for a test run the other day (sometimes you just need something to make Wednesday a little special, eh?) — of course, the inevitable leak happened, but I was surprised when the wet spot was dry within ten minutes! I'm reminded of the hiker/cyclist refrain that "cotton kills" (because it takes forever to dry after getting wet). I imagine any "wicking" top from an outdoors-type store would work just as well, but there are some very pretty (and patterned, double bonus!) mesh tops in department stores these days.

Anyone else have tips for hiding the leaks?


  1. Heather says

    I used nursing pads from Medela. They were the thinnest I could find, so they didn’t show through t-shirts.

  2. jen says

    Nursing pads from Lansinoh – they don’t seem to show through tshirts/bras, but are virtually bombproof!

  3. ChristieNY says

    I second the Lansinoh Nursing Pads – I’m nursing my second kiddo (who just turned 1) and no leaks here.

    If anything I have to change the pads, not my shirt. :)

  4. MamaChristy says

    I loved LilyPadz ( They keep you from leaking at all, are reusable and you can sterilize them. You don’t even have to be wearing a bra to use them. I loved them ( and they aren’t paying me to say this!).

  5. Marta Bat says

    I love Glamour Mom nursing tank tops. They have a pocket for nursing pads so your pad doesn’t fall out. I wore them to work every day when I was still pumping because I pumped in a shared office and I could lift my shirt and the tank would still cover me. Plus, they are long – so I could wear my old shirts over the tank (otherwise, my old shirts were too short because of my temporarily big chest…)

  6. Ln says

    I recommend the Lansinoh disposable breast pads too. I was happy with the Target brand nursing tanks– easy to find, and reasonably priced too. There isn’t a pocket for nursing pads, but generally I only needed the pad before a feeding, and I got pretty good at discreetly catching the old pad while getting my nursling settled.

  7. cs says

    Use the washable ones–Dr. Brown makes larger ones if you really leak, but smaller ones are available at Target, too. They wash and dry with your clothes and are great b/c you don’t have to add MORE waste to our world.

  8. Samantha HEady says

    lilypadz are the way to go! have you seen those nursing camisoles to wear under things. they open and clip just like a nursing bra.

  9. Samantha HEady says

    lilypadz are the way to go! have you seen those nursing camisoles to wear under things. they open and clip just like a nursing bra.

  10. Julie says

    I second the Medela nursing pads – very thin and hardly showed except on very thin shirts. I also second washable pads, but they tend to be thicker and were not as versatile for me and my clothes.

  11. Bonny says

    not for leaking boobs, but I did find that wearing a sage green shirt or sweater helped hide a multitude of baby boogers. ;-)

  12. Jen says

    I loved the lilypadz. Used them everyday for a year. I couldn’t wear them without a bra as they claim, but that wasn’t a problem for me. They lasted an entire year of nursing and pumping, and I still use them occasionally to stop unwanted bumps, if you know what I mean.

  13. Rebecca says

    I second the Lansinoh pad, glamourmom tank and the target tank. They are all I wear! I have not tried the wool pads, but my friends swears by them so when I have baby #4 I will try them!

  14. Rebecca says

    Forgot to say, I wear that nursing tank with a faux wrap top. I have them in short and long sleeve in MANY colors and the tanks in white, black, and gray, so I have many color options. It is kind of my nursing uniform! I just pull down the neckline of the top, unclip the tank and I can feed anywhere and look respectable and even a little fashionable!

  15. says

    I am using washable pads as they are tiny and don’t have to worry about leaking in front of other. it absorb spilled milks easily and give a relief.