Make your own polar fleece diaper liner

From Katharine:

If you use cloth diapers, try putting a strip of polar fleece (any old cut-up sweater will do – it doesn't even need to be hemmed) between the diaper and your baby's bottom.

It's especially good for sensitive bottoms, because the fleece lets liquids run through, leaving your baby sitting on something relatively dry and nonabrasive.

It also helps (somewhat) as a poo-catcher — you can peel it up for poo-removal, leaving a less-horrible cloth part of the diaper, and the fleece doesn't stain as easily as natural fibers.

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  1. shirky says

    test that fleece before you try. Some kinds are more water-repelling. Pick the wrong kind and it’s gonna do the opposite of what you want it to do.

  2. Rose L says

    I do this with my son and it works very well… he was getting horrible contact rashes before we did. Instead of cutting up an old sweater I actually just went to a fabric store and bought two pieces of remnant fleece. Cost me about $1 for 20 liners. The anti-pill stuff from JoAnn fabric is great!

  3. ChristieNY says

    I did this from an old fleece robe when my son had a diaper rash & I didn’t want ointment on his cloth diapers – it worked so well I continued to use the liners long after the rash went away!

    Great hack! :)