links for 2007-10-11


  1. hedra says

    Well, the genetic link fits in our family. My DH was picky, and our oldest is picky. Okay, oldest ended up in a feeding clinic, so more than picky.

    The article is pretty good, and I’m glad they identified the genetic component. That 22% environment also really can make a difference. Just a few food rules can really make a difference, and the less pressure and stress, the better. I still check now and then at the My Pyramid Tracker site ( nutrition analysis tool), but I also try not to force anything (sometimes I blow it, sigh). With that approach, we found that (GASP!) he’ll now and then try something, and like it. And the things he likes are improbable – pumpkin pie, made with fresh pumpkin, very ‘squashy’ tasting. LOVED it. Okaaaay. Never in my wildest dreams, LOL!

    I also keep recommending the book ‘How to get your kid to eat, but not too much’ – another good one, recommended by a feeding clinic. Useful for adults, too, because it can help you spot your own food-related behaviors, if they’re causing you trouble (like weight, etc.).