23 October 2007

Keep that maternity jacket! Fits perfectly when your baby's in a front carrier.

Doesn't really matter if the baby's on the inside or the outside, does it? From Cathy of Chief Family Officer:

This seems like a pretty obvious idea so it may have come up before, but it was new to me so I just posted it on my own blog and am sharing in case you want to pass it along to your readers as well. With the change in weather, I pulled out my maternity coat to wear when I have my baby in a front carrier. I am able to zip the coat up so he's nice and cozy as we walk outside.


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If your baby is small enough for the front carrier in the winter, wouldn't that mean you were pregnant in the spring/summer? (in other words, no maternity coat)

This is what my sister did with my nephew -- he was born at the end of February, so she was pregnant right up until the end of winter. Because she lives in an urban area where stroller subway travel is hard, she often had him in a bjorn then an ergo until he was at least 1, which took her into the end of another winter with that coat on.

I used my husband's old winter coat (we kept it after we bought him a new one) to wear over the baby... He's over a foot taller than me, so it worked well. Any ideas for winter wear with baby on the back? He's become a bit heavy to wear in front...

Annette - My baby is 10 months old, and I still wear him in front (I LOVE my mei tais! - I could never do this with a Baby Bjorn). And the coat is from my first pregnancy, though I did wear it a little during my second pregnancy.

My favorite homemade fleece shawl adapts for this use, too. I just leave a couple of snaps undone and it works for a front or back carry in the Ergo--which we still use now and then at 15mos. Just cozy enough around the body while also allowing some air circulation if needed. I also threw it on over the combo of baby in front, backpack in back, which looked a bit, er, packmulish, but made travel a breeze.

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