Halloween hack: Tootsie Pop ghosts as decoration and hand-outs

Tootsie Pops lollipopsAmie's hack makes me want to run out and buy Tootsie Pops! I love that these simple little decorations can double as the Halloween handout.

I just bought my annual ginormous bag of Tootsie Pops and realized other Parenthackers might like this idea too. This was my favorite Halloween craft as a kid. You get family time, the fun of making the ghosts, a cute display for the season, and then you have unique treats to hand out at Halloween.


  • Tootsie Pops
  • White tissues
  • White yarn
  • Black marker (test on a tissue to make sure it won't run – we use a Sharpie)

Open up a tissue and lay it over the head of the Tootsie Pop so it's centered. Tie it on with the yarn. Add ghost eyes with your marker. (Or, add whole faces like my husband…) Repeat, repeat, repeat until done. You can get the whole family involved with different tasks depending on age/skill level and do them on an assembly-line. Or let everyone make their own ghosts start to finish and get some variety.

You end up with a small army of ghosts. They can be displayed until Halloween and then given out.

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  1. melissaS says

    I saw something in a Martha magazine years ago and used it at a class party.

    Take a carve-able faux pumpkin. Use a nail set (metal piece used to sink nails enough to fill in with spackle) to poke holes in the faux pumpkin.

    Stick tootsie pops in the holes. It looks very cute. As kids take them out, refill.

  2. Laura says

    I usually just use those little rubberbands that you use for braiding hair. Faster than cutting and tying!