Halloween hack: Baby lotion takes the face paint off

Kelly's hack saves us all from laborious, uncomfortable scrubbing:

I bought my daughter some of the face paint "markers" they have at the grocery store this time of year. She had fun getting her face painted and then painting my face (and hands, and arms, and . . .). On the package, it says to use cold cream to take it off but that's not really something I usually have around the house. So I used some of our regular baby lotion and it worked like a charm. Just squirt it onto a tissue and rub the painted areas. For some reason, rubbing in a circle worked better than a straight line.

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  1. Liz says

    Eye make-up remover also works really well on markers, face paint, and most of the other junk my kids get on their skin. My kids have pretty sensitive skin so I don’t like to try harsh cleaners and the extra-gentle eye make-up remover produces no itch or reactions.

  2. Amy says

    Another suggestion that people seem to usually have around their house is Vasoline. It works well at removing face-paint and also works for theatrical makeup and everything. You just lather it on over the make up and then take a cloth or tissue and wipe. You’ll need to wash the face with soap afterwards to remove the oilyness of the Vasoline, but it really works well and fast.

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