Halloween hack: Storing vinyl cling decorations

Cheri figured out a way to keep Halloween cling decorations in good working order for the following year:

My kids love those vinyl clings that stick to the doors and windows, but once I take them off of the sheet they come on, they seem destined to be folded, stuck together, and lost.  Last year, after Halloween, I tried laying all of the clings out on sheets of aluminum foil, then covering with a second sheet and folding over the edges to seal it all together.  I laid them flat in the bottom of the holiday tubs and voila!  This year, they are in perfect condition. Hooray!

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  1. Bjørn says

    I was thinking wax or butcher paper from the title, and would rather use either to foil, but that is without having done it. Rolling them up I would be worried that it would permanently hold to that rolled shape, but it would be great if that worked out.

  2. Kim-Anh says

    Parchment paper works great for this purpose as well. I’ve used it for those sticky wall decorations during our recent move and it worked perfectly.

  3. Sarah says

    What’s with all the seemingly-recent hype with halloween decor? Lights and everything. Seems like only a very few did this in the past. Now everyone has halloween stuff in their yard galore!

  4. Fiona says

    I put all those clings inside flattened cereal boxes, (especially if there are ones from the holiday)and then put them in the bottom of the box.

  5. Tara says

    Saw a great tip for storing holiday lights albeit Halloween lights or Xmas lights! Take an old shoe box cover, cut off all edges. Wrap lights around this piece and then store inside shoe box! If I could only be this organized with everything else!