Halloween hack: No-prep costume: Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein costumePriceless. From veteran Parenthacker Sara:

Easy baby halloween costume: Use a permanent marker and write "E=mc^2" on a onesie. Apply mousse to hair. Ta-da! Baby Einstein.

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  1. Marge says

    We are having the dillema of what to dress our 1 year old daughter up as for Halloween. We don’t have plans to trick or treat or attend a party however everyone I speak to wants to know what she will be. Today I had a parently epiphany and decided I’d just tie a pillow case around her neck and call her SUPER ELIZABETH! This einstein hack is pretty good though, I am sort of torn. I was also told by a friend to put some blue eye shadow on her and random, non matching clothes and call her a punk rocker!

  2. Amy says

    This is one of the cutest and easiest costumes I have seen. I’ll need to remember this for the future.

  3. liberrian says

    Oh no! I actually did the same thing for my one-year old, right down to the t-shirt. I’m kind of freaked out by this! Okay, I made her a wig for the hair (which she keeps on for about 10 seconds), and the t-shirt’ “e=mc2″ is in puffy glitter paint. But I think someone is reading my brain. And now when I take her to the halloween party tomorrow, everyone will think I got the idea from parent hacks. :(

  4. cagey says

    I did this to my son 2 years ago and can report that yes, it such an easy, fun costume. I did put white hairspray in his hair for added effect and added radiation warning signs to his onesie.