Forget struggling with baby socks in winter: let them wear tights

Cotton tights for babyFiona’s hack makes me remember back to my kids’ baby days…was always trying to cover up that bit of exposed leg between the bottoms of their pants and the tops of their socks. This would have done the trick…

I read your hack about sockless baby feet – nice one! But I have another suggestion…put them in tights! Yes, baby boys can wear tights too, try white, navy, red, green, grey and stripey tights. The tights keep their legs warm in Winter and there is no danger of losing socks in the house, on the street or in the wash. Both my girls and my little boy are all in tights from now until April. They can be worn with trousers, joggers, dungarees. Even better, tuck in their shirts so they don’t ride up under dungarees or coats.

Only thing: most tights lack the non-slip stuff on the soles, so if your house has hardwood floors, I’d put some slippers on the kid. I’ve also heard that puffy fabric paint (available at craft stores) adds grippiness, but I haven’t tried it myself.

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  1. Lisa says

    For babies (I’m not sure if they’re made in bigger sizes), Baby Legs work great. They don’t have feet, so you have to add socks, but they help keep the socks on, and they bridge that gap between the pants and the socks. Also, they are two separate pieces, so you don’t have to wrestle with them for diaper changes. We received one pair as a gift and I plan to buy several more to get through the winter.

  2. says

    We’ve used BabyLegs in our home, too. We have three sets, in wildly varying patterns, and my daughter delights in choosing which ones she wants to wear. One cooler days, when she absolutely insists on wearing a short-sleeved shirt and I don’t think that’s a battle worth fighting, I put the BabyLegs on her arms to give her long-sleeved coverage.

  3. Jill in Atlanta says

    I tried puffy paint on the soles of socks without success. It shrunk up and left lumpy spots which were uncomfortable to walk in.

  4. says

    We used footy pajamas – they come with the non-slip soles already, plus you always get coordinated “shirts” and “socks”. (Yes, it makes diaper changing a wee bit trickier, but it was worth not looking for lost socks or dealing with cold legs.)

  5. says

    You can put me down as a “me too” for babylegs. I had gone so far as to buy a pair of tights for my toddler boy when I found the ‘legs and I discovered I liked the ease and maneuverability of the leg warmers better than the tights.

    They only come in two similar sizes (differ by only a couple of inches) but the maker says that they can be useful for kids up to 10 years. I think the idea is that the older they get the more the baby legs act more like calf warmers or even arm warmers instead.

    The downside? They’re kind of expensive for what they are and more frugal parents would probably do better to buy some long adult socks, as skinny as you can find and with long tops and then modify those. I however am not that crafty…

  6. twinsanity says

    Well, call me a bad parent, but we have hard wood floors and we did plain old tights for our twins who learned to walk in December. We never had a single slip or fall, even with two toddlers bumping into each other. Maybe learning to walk in tights without non slip soles made them more balanced? Either way, we’ll be doing tights again this winter, even while potty training.

  7. Allen Knutson says

    [Babylegs] are two separate pieces, so you don’t have to wrestle with them for diaper changes.

    Particularly great if you’re attempting Elimination Communication. (Though we still had the problem of our baby taking off his diaper at the wrong time.)

    Babylegs, you’ve got the cutest little babylegs…

  8. flynn says

    For little ones who don’t need grippy feet, we just used a daddy sock or a warm toddler sock over the baby sock and holding the pant leg in place.

  9. stephanie says

    am I the only one who tries not to put tights on my daughter because I hate them myself? I always find wearng tights so uncomfortable, I can’t bring myself to put something so restrictive on her. We just deal with the space between pants and sock, and buy lots of socks!

  10. JessA says

    BabyGap tights have grippy stuff on the feet – that’s what my son (21 weeks) is wearing right now. He doesn’t seem to mind the girly ruffles on the butt (which I didn’t realize were there until I opened them up at home).

  11. Rachel says

    I read this when it was first posted, and my almost 6 month old has been wearing tights ever since! I had a friend accidentally give me a few pairs (she had 2 girls and a boy trips and I was supposed to be getting boy hand-me-downs) then I went out and bought more winter ones, baby seems to be comfy and I know his legs will be warm, even when he’s in the moby or mei tai and his pants ride up.