Fleece blanket works as a makeshift sheet when night training

Potty training reality! From Charisse:

For night training, which we're still in the throes of–and this may be less of a hack than simple laziness–I'd read all this stuff about "double-making" beds to deal with accidents.  Bah!  Makes for a big disruption, a cold bed, and a long time to get back to sleep.  Instead, I keep a thick fleece blanket in the bedroom and if there's a wetting I just get her new pants, throw the fleece over the bottom sheet, and she's warm and asleep in 5 mins.  Mess can wait for morning.


  1. Jill in Atlanta says

    Charisse, I’m even lazier than you. I walked him through my procedure a few times and now let him do it on his own. (1) remove wet pj’s and leave them on the tile bathroom floor. Put on dry pj’s. (2) get towel from linen closet (or one of many baby blankets still hanging around our house) and put it on wet bed. (3) Go back to bed. Do not wake Mama, do not collect $200. (4) Tell me about it in the morning.

  2. Rachel says

    I use the larger sized lap pads when my son’s diaper leaks in the night. They’re soft flannel and totally waterproof. But I have done the towels and blankets route too.

  3. kendra says

    I actually do this too. Fleece is great because if there is another accident the fleece wicks the wetness down to the next layer and still feels dry. I use fleece as liners in cloth diapers for the same reason.

  4. reen says

    Jill: You totally sound like me, ha! I’ve done the doubled-towel and the lap pads too, but never thought of a fleece blanket.