Dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror: an all-purpose noteboard

It's cold season again and, right on schedule, we're all sniffling around here. So was Tiffany and her family, and here's how she kept track of all the medicine doses:

My entire family was sick last week (me, my husband and our 16 month-old son) so there were countless medicines to keep up with. I kept track of the different medicines and the times they were last taken by writing a huge note directly onto our bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. You can’t miss it when you walk into the bathroom and it easily wipes off with a tissue or the hand towel – you don’t even need Windex. Now I keep a marker in the bathroom all the time (for those little revelations you have in the shower) – when we’re not sick I write myself little reminders: “pick up diaper cream” etc.

Seems like an ideal way to communicate with a teenager as well.

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  1. Marita says

    We use our fridge door in the same way.

    Plus if the girls are getting difficult on rainy days, I give them dry erase markers and set them up to draw on the fridge or freezer. Give them a damp cloth each to clean it off with after and that is just another game for toddlers.

  2. Jill in Atlanta says

    Beware of dry erase markers on other surfaces. They NEVER come out of fabric. I thought they’d be great on a car trip once, but the headliner of my car disagrees.

  3. artgyrl says

    I do the same thing with my son’s bathtub crayons on the shower walls – I use them to jot down notes when I’m showering (“Call Donna”, “Return Thomas trains”, etc).

  4. Jen says

    We keep a large dry erase board in our kitchen. We keep our shopping list on it. It’s great because it’s right there when you run out of something. We also jot notes on upcoming important appts. and phone calls. It works great. I love the idea of having something similar in the bathroom.

  5. Alex says

    Be careful to not leave things up for a long time. I drew a picture with dry erase markers on a window to decorate for a party, and when I finally was ready to clean it off months later it was not easy.

  6. momrunsfast says

    In a related note, to get permanent marker off of dry-erase marker space, or even to get dry erase marker off that’s been on too long, all you have to do is draw over the markings with a fresh dry erase marker.