DonorsChoose update: We’re over halfway to funding this project!

Parenthackers to the rescue! In only a few days, we've contributed over $500 to this special education teacher who wants to purchase music and movement equipment for her students. Thank you so much to the 17 people who've gotten us this far.

It would be incredible if the Parent Hacks community were able to fully fund this teacher's wish. We've got $341 to go. Anything you can give — even if only $10 — will help us reach our goal by October 31. And as a small thank you, five randomly chosen donors will get a gift in the mail from me. Click the green "Donate to my Challenge" button now — and let's go all the way!


  1. Caitlin says

    Just as an FYI — the website requires a minimum donation of $10.00 — at least, that’s the message I got when I donated.

    Thanks again to all who donate to this cause — it’s so important!

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Caitlin: D’oh! I should have checked the minimum donation amount. I’ll update the post — thanks for letting me know.