DIY art display

Instant Art DisplayWG's hack will help you make sense of the incoming avalanche of art:

My kitchen had a fridge that was covered in paper and some blank walls that were crying out for decoration. I like the idea of framing kid art and displaying it, but not every piece warrants a frame. So I picked up some steel wire and some funky clips (total cost: under $5), and my husband stuck a couple of screws into the wall to create an instant art showcase.

Install Close-UpWe can hang the art we'd like to display without going to the trouble of framing it. The best pieces can ultimately be added to the memory box we keep for each kid; the ones that are nice for a short time can be replaced with newer pictures as needed.

The front of the fridge is now pristine black; the invitations and reminders are all stuck on the side. Result: a cleaner look and a lot of smiles.


  1. Sally J. (The Practical Archivist) says

    Oooo…this is brilliant! What a great way to decide which ones are the long-term keepers.

    FYI, for the keepers, you can get oversize boxes from archival supply companies like Gaylord, Metal Edge and Light Impressions — but I also like

  2. Vanasa says

    I did this with a gold ornate curtain rod and clips with circles to slide over the rod – the ones that clip to the curtain and slide down the rod. I hang the picture by the corners so they are easy to see and fit more on the rod.

  3. Susan says

    We did something similar in our daughters rooms by using a staple gun to adhere wired ribbon strips to the top of the closet doors. The ribbon hangs down and the kids can hang their artwork up with clothes pins.

  4. Shannon says

    A different take on the same idea: next time you paint, use a magnetic primer under your new wall color. That way you can use magnets to hang the art instead of attaching anything permanently to your walls

  5. Lewellyn says

    When we did this in my daughters’ room, we made sure to find studs for the supporting screws, then used picture wire with a turnbuckle on one end to really tighten up the wire, eliminating sag and twists. The turnbuckle can be tightened occasionally, too, to eliminate the sagging that occurs over time. (

    Finally, we painted a colored rectangle on the off-white wall to frame the prints that are currently hanging there.

  6. reen says

    We did something similiar to this running down our entire hallway, using pretty cabinet knobs and picture wire. Somehow my fridge is covered again, though, because I can’t bear to take down the old artwork on the wire to put up the new.

  7. eatasnack says

    I used the 3M Command clips that were designed for paper and attached them at kid height. No tools required and easy to remove (when it’s time).

  8. Shannon says

    I haven’t used the primer myself, but I’ve seen it used in several magazine articles.
    One tip I remembered reading: make sure to stir the primer often while it’s in the tray when you are using it. The magnetic particles tend to sink to the bottom & if you don’t stir it up, the magnetic stuface won’t be continuous.

  9. WG says

    I got my wire and clips at Target, around the section where the flashlights are, at least at my Target.