Cool Mom Picks: Safer Toy Guide

Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy GuideHoliday toy shopping may be a little trickier this year, what with all the recalls. If you're not sure where to begin, start with the Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide. Believe me, these fabulous women know their stuff. From the site:

We've dedicated many hours to tracking down some of the best handcrafted, locally made, organic, fair trade, or simply safer alternatives for younger children–for you, for us, for all the grandchildren and nieces and nephews of the world. We want you to know that safer doesn't mean boring, and handmade doesn't mean rustic.

Tons of discount codes, too! Be sure to drop by.


  1. Janessa says

    This is so fun to look at! Are you sure this is just for kids?!

    I have a question though. As amazing as all these things are, as safe as they are, how many families have that kind of $ in their “toy budget category”? Most of it is so expensive I feel guilty looking at it. Doesn’t stop me from wanting it though!

  2. Liz says

    Janessa – great question. There are definitely a couple of splurges in there, but for the most part, a lot of it is quite reasonable – a beautiful wooden rattle for $11, playsets in the $30 range and so on.

    As for me, I’d rather have fewer things and know that the ones I have are safe, fun, and will last a good long time. Then again–there’s always the grandparents!

  3. Gabe says

    Ok, so i looked at the “safer” toys and while they look really nice they for the most part, at least in the things that go category, really really expensive $50 for a toy car? $129 for a small construction vehicle? I’m sure there are parents out there who can afford such luxuries but i am stuck either risking the lead or sticking with good old Mr. imagination. Are there any safe toys that don’t involve a
    six figure salary?

  4. Liz says

    Hi Gabe, great question. A lot of the focus at Cool Mom Picks is on one of a kind, handmade toys so indeed some of them cost more than your average Walmart toy aisle bargain. But a great option is at – wonderful site featuring mass produced European toys and they provide manufacturer’s statements about each one.

    Another is toys from Melissa and Doug – a great company that absolutely stands behind their products.

    Sadly, cheap toys are made in China. I recently went through Target with a reporter and after two hours we couldn’t find a single toy that wasn’t made there. Not one. (And two more of the ones we looked at were recalled a week later.)