Chinese soup spoons help toddlers feed themselves

Anything that helps toddlers feed themselves — and not their laps or the floor — is a good thing. From Laura:

Tis the season for soup! While recently eating soup at a japanese restaurant with our toddler, we discovered that he is able to handle the asian style spoons much easier. I think this is because the bowl of the spoon is relatively deep with steep sides and the handle is short, so it’s easier for him to get a spoonful of soup from the table to his mouth without dumping it on his lap!

Absolutely! Asian soup spoons are usually ceramic, but one can find inexpensive and unbreakable stainless steel spoons at Asian and Indian markets (and Amazon, of course).


  1. twinshere says

    Being part chinese I have used these spoons all my life…I think they are great for toddlers -look out for the plastic and melamine Hello kitty ones! However please be wary of one drawback. If tipped the wrong way the soup flows back into the handle of the spoon and into the hand. Not good if the soup is hot.

  2. Serena says

    We’ve been using regular plastic soup spoons with great success (well, comparatively) with our 2.5 yr old. (discovered by accident when he picked one out of the drawer by himself and insisted on using it)