18 October 2007

Chew on This: Teething Bling

Dsc01063When my son was an infant, I often found myself wearing a big multicolored teething toy on my wrist like a giant clown bangle.  It was practical, but it definitely lacked style- especially on the days I forgot to take it off when the baby wasn't with me.

Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry can save other moms from a similar fate.  Their classic designs in silicone look much like stone, but feel supple.  The breakaway clasp really works without catching in long hair or loosening with extended use.  My 7 month-old buddy Dylan has been chewing on a Teething Bling pendant and bangle set for months and they are holding up very well.


The thing that surprised me most about Teething Bling is its incredible flexibility (which is probably part of what makes it so interesting to chew on). Look at the bangle!

At $18.90 a pendant and $12 a bracelet these could make a nice gift for a new mom or one with a history of circus-like accessories.

Smart Mom Jewelry has a great October offer (for Breast Cancer Awareness month) offering a free rose bangle with any pendant purchase.

Adrienne Jones is a Parenthacker extraordinaire and co-creator of Baby Toolkit.


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This wasn't exactly what I was expecting from Asha's headline and the Halloween ideas I've had on the brain. "Teething Bling" to me implied something more like http://www.costumehub.com/InfantToddler-NoveltyFunny-Billy_Bob__Pacifier_Two_Tooth-costumes/YY49909 or maybe with a gold front tooth.

I'm always torn about this stuff because on one hand it does make sense but on the other, the last thing I want is my kid chewing on my jewelry.

I actually found this necklace from another site and ordered one. It was great on my recent travels with my 9 month old across country. I had it tucked into my shirt, and when he started playing with my gold necklace, I pulled it out and *presto*, instant toy.
People could not believe it was a teething ring.
I only wish I had ordered it in black as the green clashes with many of my outfits.

This is so awesome! I am totally ordering a set for a new-mom friend of mine. I am torn about colour, though, since she usually wears pretty delicate jewelry... Probably a neutral black or moonstone? Anyone?

I just received my teething bling. I chose the black because it looks just like onyx. My 7 mos loves them! I got the necklace and it came with a free bracelet. It goes great with just about anything.

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