Amazon Friday sale: Skip*Hop Stroller Saddle Bag

Skip Hop Saddle BagThis nifty saddle bag attaches to your stroller for extra storage. Note handy mesh bottle pocket on the side. It's on sale at Amazon today only for $12.99 (it's usually $34). Looks like something I would have used during my stroller days. Does anyone own this and care to tell us what it's like?


  1. Elizabeth says

    I have this and I love it. Very convenient and holds a ton. My only complaint is that I have it on my Maclaren and sometimes it gets in the way of folding. but I think that’s more of an issue with the stroller than with the bag. It’s really nice to have, overall, because it means you don’t have to take the whole diaper bag or your purse with you every time you leave the house.

  2. Sarah says

    While were at it, can anyone recommend a good diaper bag. I’ve been using a backpack which worked great and kept my hands free but I am interested in having something with a bit more style since these days, this is also my purse. I want something that can hang easily on my shoulders and has long enough straps to fit over bulky coats.

  3. Wendy says

    I have the Skip Hop Dash and love it. As soon as I found it online, I knew it was “the one”! I thought it was neat that the strap can clip off and the bag can hook right over the handles of the stroller, but honestly I have never once used that feature. I just wear it like a messenger bag. DH uses it too – we got a gray one. Love it!

  4. Lemon says

    I have the double bag – I had gone through about 4 other diaper bags before I settled on this one – and it’s fantastic. It stays on my stroller, and I like all the compartments. I remember paying $$$, around $80ish for it a couple of years ago, so the sale price sounds like a real bargain!

  5. imaginarygirl says

    I have the SkipHop Dash and liked it for a few weeks… but then I realized that it is just too small for me, and definitely will be once I have to carry food in addition to bottles. I just switched to Vera Bradley’s baby bag. It has pockets on the outside for bottles or the included changing pad, and 2 small pockets inside. It does not have as many divided compartments inside as other bags, but 1) it is really lightweight and 2) it is very roomy. Rather than using specially-created compartments, I went to a dollar store and purchased soft pencilcases to hold items such as liners and extra nipples for bottles and bibs and burp cloths. Everything is organized and easy to find.

  6. kittenpie says

    I started with a very large leather bag, which was great for the cloth diaper days because they take SPACE. Then sent her to the nanny for a while with a nylon Old Navy diaper bag. Then when we switched to daycare and disposables, I got the skiphop bag that is like a messenger bag, which is my favourite yet. But I also like the mini-ones. I got one , and loved it so much I have given the skiphop minis to two friends for baby gifts.

  7. kieransma says

    i use the SkipHop Pronto- its a little diaper envelope thingy w/ a mat attached- and i LOVE it. i actually tossed the whole thing in the wash the other day, which is against instructions, and it came out fine. great price on the saddlebag- sorry i missed the sale. sigh…

  8. Audrey says

    Someone mentioned the bulkiness of cloth diapers. My son is one and we still use the cloth diapers – yes, even when we go out. I lug around a back pack because, in addition to the cloth diapers and diapering equipment, we still need at least one change of cloths, snacks and toys/distractions. I’d love suggestions on a good diaper bag for cloth diaper users!

  9. linda says

    Did I miss the sale? When I clicked on the link, the bag is listed for its regular price, $34.