$10 instant rebate on health bars ends today

Amazon health bar discountIn case you're looking to offset the candy consumption (or are a bulk buyer of health bars), Amazon's offering a $10 instant rebate on selected Clif, Luna, Odwalla, Larabar, and Probar bars The deal ends today: buy $39 worth, and use the checkout code GOODBARS to get your discount (shipping's free).

I keep a few protein bars in the car not because my kids want them, but because I too often run out the door without a meal (good for an emergency kit as well). Parenting really does feel like an endurance race sometimes.


  1. Zed says

    I’d love to have a supply of these for our family’s emergency kits. Which ones are best? (I know it’s probably personal preference, but having never tried one, I’d love to hear what anyone thinks.) I’d say we gravitate toward chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal, that stuff. Any suggestions?

    Also, any idea how long the shelf life is?

  2. Angela says

    Great idea! The protein bars are a good alternative to regular candies. Hopefully they are as mouth watering for the kids!

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    I personally like Larabars — just fruit, nuts, and possibly a little sweet spice. My kids aren’t crazy about them, though. They love the Lemon Luna Bars.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    The discount code is GOODBARS, not GOODBAR as I wrote earlier this morning. Sorry about the typo, folks.

  5. Sophie says

    My 13YO, who takes them in her school lunches, thinks “all of the Clif bars are OK” – her favorites are peanut toffee buzz, carrot cake, chocolate mint, cherry almond, blueberry crisp, and brownie, but none of those seem to qualify for the Amazon promotion. (She thinks the Luna bars have an unpleasant “chemically” flavor, especially the aftertaste.)

    “Because the bar is formulated with adult needs in mind” the company recommends against feeding whole Luna or Clif bars to younger children, which most of the posters here seem to have, and recommends half bars or Z-Bars instead (unfortunately, Z-Bars also are not included in the promotion).

    A few of the Clif bars have a little caffeine, which can be a consideration if you’re feeding young children, or nursing.

  6. none says

    If you miss the promotion Costco also sells Clif bars in bulk (24 for $18 around here).

    Expiration dates on the boxes I get is usually 6-9 months out.

  7. Rachel says

    I personally love Kashi bars- either the chewy variety (the chocolate peanut is yummy) or the crunchy (all 3 flavors are great). You can get the crunchy ones at costco for around the same price given or the clif bars, or you can find them and most grocery stores or target.

  8. . says

    I too keep bars in the car and briefcase for the endurance race that is parenting.

    IMO, Lara Bars are THE BEST — and my *very* picky 19 month old especially likes the cherry pie and cashew cookie varieties. The Chocolate Mole variety is very tasty but a much more adult taste. None of the Lara Bars has (have?) added vitamins, minerals, or other stuff either, so they taste really natural.

  9. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Sophie: thanks for the helpful comment — all good info to keep in mind.

    Re: Larabars — I’m trying to eat 5-6 small meals per day instead of 3 larger meals, and I find that half a bar between breakfast and lunch, and then again between lunch and dinner keeps me from being famished or irritable due to low blood sugar by evening time.

  10. Matt Westervelt says

    I always keep a couple of clif bars in my bag. I jokingly call them ‘anger management bars’. I like them enough to eat them if I’m hungry (and starting to get irritable) but not enough to just snack on them. Since I started doing this, I’ve been told I’m much easier to get along with :)