$10 instant rebate on health bars ends today

Amazon health bar discount

In case you're looking to offset the candy consumption (or are a bulk buyer of health bars), Amazon's offering a $10 instant rebate on selected Clif, Luna, Odwalla, Larabar, and Probar bars The deal ends today: buy $39 worth, and use the checkout code GOODBARS to get your discount (shipping's free). I keep a few […]

Soothe a fever with a damp washcloth kept bedside

kittenpie's bring-down-the-fever hack: To help comfort a kid with a fever, one of the great things is of course to run a damp cloth over their forehead, neck, and limbs. My child's bedroom is not near the bathroom, though, so if I know she's sick and may wake up hot, I will tuck two baby washcloths […]

links for 2007-10-31

WebGoonies.com – Review: Bob – The Screen time Controller Get in the running for the giveaway! Deadline: Nov 3.

Make your own polar fleece diaper liner

From Katharine: If you use cloth diapers, try putting a strip of polar fleece (any old cut-up sweater will do – it doesn't even need to be hemmed) between the diaper and your baby's bottom. It's especially good for sensitive bottoms, because the fleece lets liquids run through, leaving your baby sitting on something relatively […]

links for 2007-10-30

Apartment Therapy – Picket Fence Cord Management Lovely, as usual. Thanks for the link, SE! Extend the life of a favorite (but outgrown) t-shirt Great idea. Also good for turning summer Ts into cool-weather playshirts. Requires basic sewing, but I think even I could attempt this. Thanks for the link, GeekMama!

Creative ways to present unfamiliar foods

Dren of DrenNotes offers her take on the creative presentation of food: I've been reading a lot of buzz on the interweb about Deceptively Delicious, mostly dealing with the ethics of "sneaking" in fruits and veggies into a child's diet. My child is a picky eater (and yes, I know where he gets is from). […]