Rubber band pant legs over sockless baby feet

Robeez bootiesShirky McLazy's little sock hack:

We went out and the baby lost his socks. I pulled his pants over his feet and rubber-banded the ends closed. Tada! Warm feet!

Speaking of lost baby socks, the only thing that ever kept socks on my kids' feet were Robeez booties. Not really necessary for the non-walker, but they sure are cute. Just got a note from their publicity person that (for a limited time!) they're giving away free matching socks with selected booties. Good opportunity to replace the ones you've lost!

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  1. Nancy says

    I agree, Robeez are the only shoes that stay on my baby’s feet. Have other Robeez style by a brand called Jack and Lily. Just as good, however I really just like the “original” Robeez for the cuteness factor

  2. kendra says

    I love Robeez too. I recently went into our new Whole Foods and they have their own special line of Robeez with carrots and pea and other veggies. Too cute!