Real Simple Family: full of good hacks

I couldn't resist — Real Simple Family — a special issue of the lifestyle mag Real Simple — found its way into my shopping cart this afternoon. It's full of good hacks, including taping a few unused board games together to form a smooth, stable building surface for blocks (we're always cursing the carpet in our finished basement for that very reason). Nice little coffee shop read while the kids are in school!


  1. Sonia says

    I agree! I picked this up at the grocery store the other day and spent my little boy’s entire nap reading it. I was surprised at just how good it was!

  2. Michael Davis says

    I’m not a fan of “Real Simple”. It should be called “Real Simple Ways to Buy Stuff You Don’t Need”. However, this offshoot pub is good. Much more practical. Hmmm, it reminds me of a certian blog I read. ;-)

    Speaking of blogs, we just posted a good parent hack about “No-Mess Popsicles” over on

    I hope it saves some of you a few sticky messes.


  3. Rachel says

    I too bought this issue, but I bought it to read Dooce’s article. Which I haven’t done, so I am glad you all just reminded me :)

  4. EmmKay says

    I refuse to give the Real Simple empire any of my money since they published an article in August 2003 called “20 Time Wasting Rules to Break Now” and included breastfeeding as one of the 20 things you can do away with to save time.

    After that fundamentally family-UNfriendly bit of “advice”, I can’t think of anything Real Simple Family has to offer that I can’t live without.

  5. carrie says

    Well, despite what others have said, Real Simple is my guilty pleasure magazine. I put my daughter down for a nap, grab a coffee and sit and read until she wakes up. Love it!

  6. Sarah says

    Overall, I love the Family edition of Real Simple…however, like others, I was surprised by some of the advice printed in the article, “What I wish parents knew” written by Marissa Fox. One piece of advice was “Don’t share all the gory details” it suggests telling kids that a shot is like a mosquito bite…come on! My child has had several painful surgeries and procedures in addition to routine shots and immunizations-saying things won’t hurt and preparing them as if it is no big deal is just wrong in my opinion. I tell them it will hurt but I’ll be there to hold their hand and kiss their tears away because the procedure is being done to help them. Also, in this same article, it was suggested to not watch your child’s practice because “parents sitting on the sidelines are distracting” –I don’t know about anyone else, but if it suggested that I should not watch my child’s practice, a warning bell goes off in my head. As long as a parent is not scrutinizing every play or action and reviewing it with Johnny or Jane after practice; a parents presence should be welcomed. –anybody else have thoughts on this??

  7. Holly says

    I found an old friend who I’d fallen out of touch with featured in this issue. They live in Oakland – it’s the one where the dad leaves his imprint behind everyone morning with the sippy cups he places out lovingly for the kids while they are still sleeping. It was beautiful, simple and sweet. And it was great to call him on the phone and reconnect right after seeing it.

  8. Julie says

    I thought this issue was great, too, and I do normally like to read the regular publication. Unfortunately, I’ve also found that if I were to stop reading all publications in print that expressed an opinion with which I strongly disagreed, I’d have significantly less options for reading material. I guess the same goes for situations concerning the people we know, the places we shop, etc…. :)
    By the way, I LOVE this site!

  9. Yuri says

    I second to Julie. ;-)
    I may disagree with certain lines found in certain issues of certain publications, but unless otherwise I totally disagree with the whole concept of the publication itself, I personally won’t simply stop reading them. I will just take whatever advices and information that caught my attention, strip those vital pages and sections, and the rest will go to my recycling bin! ;-))

    But too bad, this special issue isn’t available where I live; I live in Singapore! lol

    Anyway, I LOVE this site, too; love enough to have subscribed to its feed!