Use baby wipes to clean DVDs

Violet's tip may salvage your too-well-loved copy of Finding Nemo: If you have a DVD that is smudgy or lightly scratched, use a baby wipe to clean it. It'll play again. Related: Uses for baby wipes

links for 2007-09-25

Z Recommends: Music Week More kid music reviews than you can shake a stick at. My contribution: more gushing about Captain Bogg and Salty. Ask Moxie: Q&A: allowance and chores Read dem comments! Baby Toolkit: Stop the Madness: A Toddler-Proof Electronics Quick Fix Duct tape to the rescue…again!

IKEA: Real furniture kids can build

IKEA instructions

From the Obvious department: IKEA recently came to Portland. Cause for city-wide celebration! Free child care! Swedish meatballs for less than a buck! And (oh yeah) cool, cheap furniture! But there's more. My almost eight year-old son is always looking for nails to hammer, screws to turn, and things to assemble. Usually this means he's […]

Rubber band pant legs over sockless baby feet

Robeez booties

Shirky McLazy's little sock hack: We went out and the baby lost his socks. I pulled his pants over his feet and rubber-banded the ends closed. Tada! Warm feet! Speaking of lost baby socks, the only thing that ever kept socks on my kids' feet were Robeez booties. Not really necessary for the non-walker, but […]