links for 2007-09-30


  1. adrienne says

    At the beginning of the school year I asked my mom and some of her fifth-grade teacher colleagues for tips that would improve kids’ school experiences.

    I was absolutely shocked to hear MY mom (a careening out the door with a banana and toast type) say “Get everything ready the night before. Lay out clothes, make sure all paperwork is signed, and keep all school items, coats, & shoes in the same place[launchpad] where they can easily be located.”

    Most mornings of my childhood were marked by a search for no fewer than 3 to 5 items (matching socks, car keys, books, permission slips, volleyball knee pad, etc.). It wasn’t uncommon to be waiting on something to come out of the dryer. I rarely ever handed in anything requiring parental authorization in advance.

    And MY MOM offers this advice? I guess she’s begun to notice that the kids from kids with a less hectic morning routine are more prepared to learn than their disorganized counterparts. Kids are as frazzled by the morning chaos as adults, so they get to school more muddled their classmates (plus they’re often at a disadvantage due to missing materials, etc.).

    Here are some other teacher tips for a good school year: