LibraryLookup makes searching your local library easier than ever

My bookshelves and wallet have begun to groan under the weight of our book buying habit, so I’m making a point of using the library. I’m fortunate that my county’s library has a wonderful online lookup system, but my smart hub Rael just pointed out a bit of code that makes it even easier to use: LibraryLookup. The creation of pal Jon Udell, this little bookmarklet lets you search your local library straight from any online bookstore (Amazon, etc.). Borrow or buy…your choice.

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  1. Ilene says

    I also love LibraryThing which is a way to catalog your books online. You can tag books with anything you like and see how others have tagged the same books. It has a book swap feature too. I use a tag of ToRead to keep a running list of books that I want to read. It doesn’t link up to too many library catalogs YET but watch, it will soon. Oh, and the link is:

  2. Tim says is the greatest thing ever! I tracks all your cards and warns you when they are due. Not only that, but holds as well.

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