iPod photos distract wiggly toddlers

Margot's hack proves, once again, that you have more than enough justification to buy an iPod.

I noticed the spate of iPod hacks.  I have another semi-hack.  I keep some family pictures on my iPod nano, which can't show movies.  This is very useful for occupying my 2 year old in the doc's waiting room by showing him pictures of himself.  This is worth mentioning (as a distinct hack from the video hacks) because it a) can be done with the cheaper ipod b) works without the headphones (good, because my headphones don't fit his ears) and finally c) works for either a longer or shorter amount of time (rather than in units of a whole show).

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  1. STL Mom says

    So it’s not just my kid who prefers photos of himself to almost anything else? I do this with my camera phone – no iPod.
    “Here you are playing with toy trains, here you are at the train museum, here you are looking out the train window…”

  2. Ron says

    With the cell phone though be careful (if you just hand it over to them), you run the risk of your toddler calling someone in your contacts list accidentally.

  3. cabbey says

    Ron, That’s what “Airplane Mode” on the phone is amazingly useful for. :)

    (If you travel as little as I do, I bet you wrote that feature off as useless when you bought the phone.)

  4. Sandy says

    We were at a dinner and dad was trying to keep kid busy. he started surfing the web on his cell phone, visiting images.google.com and typing in words such as “shapes” and “superheroes”. Kept the kid busy.

  5. Eleanor says

    We use our iPhones to occupy our two-year old when we wait in lines, in waiting rooms and on planes.
    Podcasts are great, not only because they are free, but because they are short enough 2-5 minutes while we wait in short lines.