Free(ish) family business cards simplify playdates and more

Family business cardBusiness cards are handy for the non-businessperson, too. From Shawna:

Our family uses VistaPrint to order free business cards with all of our contact info. The cards are free when you pay for shipping, so they work out as a pretty good deal.

We use them to facilitate playdate set-up, as a quick reference for babysitters (in addition to our list of emergency info), as luggage tags and I put one in the back pocket of each kid when we go to crowded venues.


  1. molly says

    We’ve also used them for birth announcements. Not maybe as fancy as some but they still turned out quite nicely.

  2. twinsanity says

    We’ve been handing out cards similar to this for a while now. We ordered cards with photos, so that when the recipient picks up the card, they remember who we are.

  3. Debra says

    We’ve used them before, too, and have been very pleased with the service. We always get cards made before we travel and hand them out to people we meet along the way with whom we want to correspond. Besides, in some cultures, it’s important to carry a business card and present it appropriately. If you use their free templates, you can get 250 cards for only about 5 dollars, including shipping.

  4. McAmy says

    we have ordered from them before, but gosh afterwards we receive email after email wanting us to buy more crap from them, i guess they try to make a buck off you in any way possible. I ordered x-mas address labels from them last year and they smudged really bad when they got wet..:-( this year i just ordered some cool christmas address labels from and so far no tons of junk emails achign me to buy more stuff..

  5. Damselfly says

    I used Vista Print for a different project one time. They gave my information to a “long-distance company” that never truly gave me any service but which debited my bank account. I contacted Vista Print several times about this in several different ways, but no one ever responded to me.

  6. Laurie Brylewski says

    Don’t use your home address for luggage tags, as this advertises to anyone who looks at or steals your luggage that you won’t be home for a while, opening you up to theft. Use a business address or a neighbor’s, who will be home. Better, use the address where you are traveling TO on the outbound flight, and your home address on your homebound flight, so that if you do lose your luggage, it will be sent to the place where you need it.

  7. reen says

    This is a wonderful idea for friends, playdates, etc. But I wouldn’t put our address on a luggage tag or as a kid ID card for crowded places. For those I just use a name and my cell phone number (and for their IDs, other emergency numbers or allergies). I wouldn’t want a stranger to know my children’s address. I also wouldn’t want our lost luggage sent home if we were headed off to vacation, or my children brought home when I’m ostensibly at the crowded place looking for them.

  8. Steph Senner says

    There’s another great site that makes adorable little calling cards from your Flickr photos. It’s called Moo:

    I ordered some with our new address to include in our wedding thank-you notes, and they turned out great.

  9. Teri says

    I got some FREE printable MommyCards from
    You give them out to the parents of your children’s friend to set up play dates and stuff. I also printed some and left off the child’s name part and had some “friend cards” also. Absolutely FREE.