FM Fall Shopping Guide: Coffee Gear for Drowsy Parents

FM Fall Shopping Guide

I, along with a number of my Federated Media brethren and sistren (I made that word up), am participating in a nifty collaboration: the FM Fall Shopping Guide. Each week for the next six I'll be posting there on the topic of home, broadly interpreted to mean anything having to do with my house and the stuff in it. As a result, the Fall Shopping Guide is less of a "buy this stuff" site and more of a colorful assortment of home-related posts from a diverse cross-section of the blogosphere.

My first post, Coffee Gear for Drowsy Parents, details how I like to brew my favorite warm caffeinated beverage. Also: Dooce explains how to align picture frames, and Amalah offers decorating tips for masochists.


  1. Jill says

    Bonus points for “sistren”!!! I intend to add it to my vocab immediately! I LOVE new coinages, and that’s a keeper! :)