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The Juggle – : The Morning "Time-Slip" Commiseration about the morning get-to-school rush.

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Five Food Hacks: Getting kids to eat vegetables and love it Bathroom Cleaning Hack « Idea Pizzeria Another variation on "clean it while they're in the bath." DaddyFactory » Father First — Idea #8: Let her do your hair The photo is priceless!

iPod photos distract wiggly toddlers

Margot's hack proves, once again, that you have more than enough justification to buy an iPod. I noticed the spate of iPod hacks.  I have another semi-hack.  I keep some family pictures on my iPod nano, which can't show movies.  This is very useful for occupying my 2 year old in the doc's waiting room […]

Automotive microfiber cleaning towels as cheap spitup rags

Microfiber towels

Joshua discovered ideal burp cloths in the automotive section: Our son, now two months old, goes through an inordinate number of small towels.  Between burping and spitting up, breast milk misfires, and daddy knocking things over at 2AM, it seems we are always wiping things off our baby, or wiping thing up near our baby.  […]

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Invent a geeky new way to get kids moving, win $75k Work-Family Balance is a Joke: Embrace the Chaos Paul tells it like it is.

Malt vinegar as vegetable “dip”

Kids surprise you in their food preferences. My kids (aka Finicky 1 and Finicky 2) reject entire categories of food, and yet will eat almost anything from a Chinese, Japanese or Thai restaurant (something about soy sauce). For that reason, it’s worth opening your mind to various condiments and dips that may not immediately scream […]

Use a nasal aspirator in the bath as a baby shower


Ah, the snot sucker. Rebecca’s found another use for hers: The latest hack around our house is using the snotball (rubber nasal aspirator) as a tiny shower.  The benefit is that you clean it out (sort of an extra cleaning…I’m assuming it’s not disgusting) and solve the water freakout at the same time.  We take […]