links for 2007-09-29

Five Food Hacks: Getting kids to eat vegetables and love it Bathroom Cleaning Hack « Idea Pizzeria Another variation on "clean it while they're in the bath." DaddyFactory » Father First — Idea #8: Let her do your hair The photo is priceless!

iPod photos distract wiggly toddlers

Margot's hack proves, once again, that you have more than enough justification to buy an iPod. I noticed the spate of iPod hacks.  I have another semi-hack.  I keep some family pictures on my iPod nano, which can't show movies.  This is very useful for occupying my 2 year old in the doc's waiting room […]

Malt vinegar as vegetable “dip”

Kids surprise you in their food preferences. My kids (aka Finicky 1 and Finicky 2) reject entire categories of food, and yet will eat almost anything from a Chinese, Japanese or Thai restaurant (something about soy sauce). For that reason, it’s worth opening your mind to various condiments and dips that may not immediately scream […]

Use a nasal aspirator in the bath as a baby shower


Ah, the snot sucker. Rebecca’s found another use for hers: The latest hack around our house is using the snotball (rubber nasal aspirator) as a tiny shower.  The benefit is that you clean it out (sort of an extra cleaning…I’m assuming it’s not disgusting) and solve the water freakout at the same time.  We take […]