wallOVERs: Web-based kaleidescope fun for preschoolers

Picture 2-4Thanks a lot, Vincent. I just spent 20 minutes distracted by your hack.

We recently spent an afternoon at a local children's museum.  My three year old spent a good portion of that time enthralled by a Mac running an application that generated kaleidescope-like creations called wallOVERs.  I'm not embarrassed to say that I sat next to him for most of that time and worked on my own creations.  I was thrilled to find a version online (and then upset that it was marginally less interesting than the version in the museum).  In any case, the perfect site for any kid who can work a mouse: /www.protozone.net/ASHOCK/AJwall.html.

Enjoy.  And then try to get back to work.


  1. d2 says

    Bummer… no Intel Mac version of the shockwave/director plugin exists. If I read right, I’d have to quit and run under rosetta, or browse under Parallels.

  2. ksmce says

    My 5 yr-old LOVES this!!! We did a screen capture of the image and now (the one-tile version) sits in the middle of my desktop. Better than fridge art – no magnet required.

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