Track medicine dosage right on the bottle

Tracking medicine dosageExcellent hack from Kristi:

Perhaps it’s “Mommy Brain,” but I sometimes forget where I am in the dosage schedule of my son’s medicine.  I found it helpful to use a Sharpie, which I have on hand anyway for all the things I need to label for daycare, to write the days of the week on the top of the bottle.  I only write as many days as there are supposed to be doses, so if I start on Monday for a ten day prescription, I would write “MWTTFSSMTW” and then each time I give a dose, I put a tick mark under the day.

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  1. almost vegetarian says

    Genius idea. And it also works well for forgetful husbands. Not that I am naming any names. Oh no.


  2. gil says

    (Learned from a nurse) Sharpies will bleed a bit of their not so friendly chemicals, even if you can’t see it bleed. So it’s not a good idea to write with a sharpie on a bottle, unless it’s one of those really thick (opaque) bottles. Another idea is to do it on the cap (if you can fit it). The cap is usually a different kind of plastic.

  3. Tracy says

    You can also reuse the days-of-the-week sticker strips from your birth control packs to do this. Saves writing a bit.

  4. Susan says

    We have done this just writing on the label too. We tend to buy meds at Target and it’s harder to see writing on the red bottle they use. However, they have that handy little info slip that tucks in the lable…perfect place to write this info down!

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